Sarah Berry: Sex & Relationship Therapist


Whether you’re single or in relationship, how you conduct your sex life is up to you - as long as you enjoy it and it's not harming anyone else. However, if sex and/or relationships aren't giving you pleasure or are causing you concern, then talking things through can help.

Sarah Berry

I work with individuals, couples and open relationship groups. Many of the people I see find talking about sex difficult - sometimes excruciating. I help put people at ease and find ways to explain what is happening. I am able to talk about sexual activity, including BDSM and fetish and sex offending, in an open and frank way. What's more, I'm pretty shock proof, empathetic and down to earth.

I am an accredited, integrative therapist who is rooted in person centred therapy so I work with you to help you figure out what you want and how to get there. I also draw on CBT, existential, psychodynamic and Gestalt theories, as well as the tools and exercises specific to psychosexual and relationship therapy. Sometimes it isn't enough just to talk about what's going on. If needs be, I can give you exercises that you work on at home (with or without a partner). Please be assured that there is no touching or nudity in sessions.

You can find a full list of what I work with here My specialities include:

Sexual compulsivity and offending

As a member of The Association for the Treatment of People with Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity (ATSAC) and sex offender rehabilitation charity StopSo, I am able to help you manage any compulsive feelings and behaviour. I you feel your behaviour, porn or fantasy life is getting out of hand, I can help work out what you want and how to gain control in all areas of your life, manage any triggers and, if need be, find things to put in place of your acting out. You can read more on my website

Fetish and Kink

If you're kinky and want to work on a non sexual issue with a therapist who won't instantly pathologist you, I can help. If you feel you are kinky or have a fetish and fear what it means or are unsure how to embrace it, I can help you unpick what you want and work out how to get it. If you know what you want but are finding it hard to get people to do it with, sessions can also shed light on this. Together we can find ways for you to navigate any difficult feelings and conversations to carry out relations in a positive way. Read more on my website

Sexual pain and arousal issues

After finally conquering my own vaginismus, it's been my calling to help clients manage and work through sexual pain and arousal issues, whatever the cause. Regarding vaginismus, I have been involved with The Vaginismus Network including writing a guide for getting through smear tests, and am regular speaker at Sh! Women Store's annual Vaginismus Day event. I do not believe in a-one-size-fits-all approach to this and or any other psychosexual conditions. I can help you, individually or with a partner, work out a palatable and changeable, tailor-made program that caters to your needs. This Guardian podcast features a client graciously opening up about my work.